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about liz

Ten year vegetarian turned omnivore, Liz still upholds her main motivation for becoming a vegetarian: her love of nutrition and her belief that the average American diet of 2-3 meaty meals a day is just not good for your body.

Liz graduated from Cornerstone University in 2009 with a degree in Youth Ministry, and although she still has a passion for youth, she sometimes wishes she would have stuck with her 9th grade dream of becoming a nutritionist. Currently, she is working as a preschool teacher where she spends her days tying shoes, reading stories, and teaching ABC’s. At home, she works hard to love and support her steak loving husband (pictured below) as he studies in grad school to become an Optometrist. This has, coincidentally, left her as the main person in charge of  cooking meals for about the last 2 years, which has given her ample opportunity to fuel her love of food and cooking – even whipping up many “meat lover approved” vegetarian recipes.

In her spare time Liz enjoys reading, crafting, sewing, watching movies, being outside, and trying to become more than just a novice gardener. Liz and her husband are currently expecting their first little blessing, Hiccup, due December 24th.

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