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The Veg Table

September 18, 2011

I will admit it. Even with my great love for the vegetable world, when it comes to trying to veggies I am a little bit of a wimp. New recipes with familiar foods? No problem. But altogether new foods? Makes me a little nervous. How do I cook it? What if it turns out wrong? What if I make something and don’t like it? Honestly, I really admire people who didn’t grow up eating vegetables but have learned to incorporate them into their diet. And after not eating meat for ten years and then having to eat it again, I really started to understand what it would be like to be someone who doesn’t eat veggies, but has made the decision to begin adding them to their diet. It is hard.

So that is why I’m starting The Veg Table. Every week I am going to bring a new vegetable to the table. Sundays I will introduce the week’s veg and give a little info on it. Throughout the week you can then expect to see 1 or 2 (or more) recipes using that vegetable as the main ingredient. I’ll finish up the week on Saturday with links to a few more recipes that look interesting to try, opening up the comments for anyone else to add their recipe to the list.

My hope is that this will take a little bit of the scariness away from trying a new vegetable or encourage you to try something again that maybe you didn’t like when you were younger.

Tune in later today for the first veggie up on The Veg Table.

veg out,








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