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Starting Over

September 12, 2011

Once upon a time, a girl was on a mission to spread the love of vegetables. So, this girl started a certain food blog – she was not deterred by the fact that AT&T refused to provide internet to her duplex down an alley road. Although it was inconvenient, she trekked to the local library every time she wanted to post on the wonders of the vegetable world. However, one fateful day, her crappy beloved Dell laptop bit the dust. Dell’s customer service was entirely unhelpful and many weeks went by with a computer that was utterly worthless. Finally a decision was made to hand over the computer to the girl’s brilliant brother-in-law. Said brother-in-law fixed up the computer all brand new and was given permission to sell the Dell to the highest bidder so that the girl could use the money towards buying a new computer. Many months went by, waiting for the computerless girl’s husband’s loan money to come in so they could buy a new computer with the husband’s Apple student discount. Finally the day came, the computer was purchased, and a few days later a shiny new computer arrived at the girl’s front door. The girl immediately fell in love with her new computer and was ecstatic to continue her vegetable furthering mission.

True story.

Hello everybody, I am back. Lack of internet, and lack of computer, coupled with a crazy life and the fact that my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer last March made blogging near impossible. However, a lot has changed…

–My husband is in good health. Thank the Lord that his cancer is one of the most curable out there. After surgery and no further treatment he is 100% cancer free and back to his normal self. Going through that whole ordeal continually reminds me to pursue a healthy lifestyle, for myself and my family.

–I am no longer computerless. Need I say more?

–Okay… this is the biggie. Please hold onto your hats people.

I am no longer a vegetarian.

I know. Weird, right? 10 years of vegetarianism, abandoned. Well, I have a good reason..I did it for someone. This little someone…

Meet Hiccup. The little one growing inside me. Appropriately nicknamed after a hilarious bought of hiccups caught on screen during the ultrasound. Yes, I know it is possible to be a vegetarian and birth healthy babies. I’m not going to go into it too much, but I did some research and decided to go back to the omnivore lifestyle for the betterment of the health of little Hiccup. Due date is December 24th. Perfect timing, seeing as we view Hiccup as a huge gift after going through my husband’s health difficulties. Merry Christmas!

–So, how’s this going to work you ask? A vegetarian blog run by a meat eater? Well, I would like to start off by saying that I don’t actually like meat. I more tolerate it. Second, I’m not the cooker of meaty dishes, that would be my husband. Third, we eat a healthy amount of meat, a small serving with usually one meal a day, but not every day. Forth, the mission of this blog is unchanged – PR for veggies. The only thing you might see changed is a meat option for some recipes.

Well, if you made it through all that rambling, I congratulate you. Hopefully I’ll have some new recipes up soon – I’ve got lots of good ideas brewing.

veg out,


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